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Character: Saïx
Series: Kingdom Hearts
Age: Physically, he appears to be about 25. However, his actual age is approximately 8.
Gender: Male.
Sexuality: Straight, theoretically. In actuality, he's not at all interested.
Appearance: Fairly tall - at least six feet - and blue-haired he has a tendency to stand out out somewhat in a crowd. This isn't really helped by the fact that he has a very nice pair of yellow eyes, as well slightly pointed ears. Lastly, it should be noted that he has an x-shaped scar at the bridge of nose between his eyes.

Personality: Upon meeting Saïx for the first time it would be very easy to come to the following opinion: that he is emotionless and that he simply doesn't care about anything. To an extent, this would be true; he is for the most part, cold and emotionless - which is hardly surprising, considering his 'element'. Perhaps as result of this, he is also ruthless and is quite willing to hurt people both emotionally and physically. However, that's only half the story. Under the cold, emotionless exterior is a fierce loyalty to Organization, and Xemnas in particular. This, in turn, means that he is quite determined to see the completion of Kingdom Hearts - almost single-mindedly so at times, even to the point of asking Kingdom Hearts where his heart is as he's dying. The final piece of the puzzle is his berserker rages. Largely tied in with the phases of the moon (although not always), the best phrase to use here would be 'mindless rage' - the kind that blinds one to everything other than hurting the other person. Although this is most likely not true emotion, it is possible that it is closer to emotion than most Nobodies feel on a regular basis. However, this, like everything else, is usually hidden under the cold, uncaring facade that he does so very well.

Abilities/Weaponry: His weapon of choice is a large claymore, which he usually wields one-handed. However, beyond his rages and the basic Nobody abilities (creating portals and summoning Heartless/lesser Nobodies) he doesn't have much in the way of magical abilities save for some basic skills at divination.

Weaknesses: Although he is stronger than your average person his abilities in combat are extremely limited - and are mostly comprised of hitting things with sharp objects. Connected with this is the fact that when berserked he doesn't feel pain, which is something of a blessing and a curse - on the one hand, it gives him fewer distractions in battle, but on the other it means he could very easily cause himself serious harm and not know it until the battle is over. Also, he trusts next to no-one, not even those among his own Organization, save for Xemnas himself.

History: The seventh to be admitted to the Organization's ranks, which makes him the first of the 'newer' generation of Nobodies. However, he is often treated as second-in-command, most likely due to his unwavering loyalty to the Organization's goal. Perhaps as a direct result of this, he is one of the Nobodies who crosses Sora's path with a vague sort of regularity. Not surprisingly, on each occasion he is true to himself - cruel and harsh, playing with Sora's emotions to keep him following a path that's beneficial to the Organization.

His devotion to the Organization most likely stems from events surrounding his becoming a Nobody, but exactly what it may have been is uncertain - and he's not telling anyone.

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